Our services provide you with an easy and seamless method of securing the best outcomes in Bitcoin Transactions as well as the safety and protection of your funds.

Buyer and Seller agree to terms

Buyer pays to escrow

Seller verifies payment and delivers order

Buyer inspects order

Buyer releases payment to seller within 5 days*



*With respect to transactions made in pursuance of purchases, senders (buyers) are advised to select a time interval longer than the delivery time of the purchased product. 

Where a receiver (seller) does not deliver as agreed, the sender (buyer) receive a refund from the escrow service.

If a sender fails to release or open a dispute within the allocated time, a dispute process will be started automatically The legal status of the subject-matter is a non-issue as transactions will be enforced as agreed upon. Terms may be added at the new transaction page under the “other details” section to avoid misunderstandings.